Mike Thoele
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From Oregon, I spent three years searching the West Coast for the Privateer ketch of my dreams. No luck. Ironically, I finally found Sequel (formerly Grace) in April ą05 in a lake only 50 miles from my Illinois hometown. Bought her sight unseen (but not unsurveyed), traveled East, then towed her West across the Rockies, a 2,500-mile adventure in its own right. Our home sailing lake in Oregon wasdown for dam repairs for the ą05 season. So Sequeląs launch didn't come until April 06, a year to the day after she crossed the Continental Divide
in Wyoming. 

The previous owner, with the naval architect Robert Perry as a consultant, re-rigged her for offshore work (1/4-inch stays, 1/2-inch bronze turnbuckles, bronze portlights, new sails, hull & deck reinforcement, etc.). Feels good to have a craft thatąs had the attentions of both Gillmer and Perry, two of the countryąs foremost small-craft naval architects of the
past century.  

Vessel is mechanically and structurally top-notch, needs minor cosmetic attention. The future project list includes repainting and a wheel steering conversion. Puget Sound voyages lie ahead. - Mike Thoele, 2006

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Cheshire, Oregon