Jim Tompkins
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Year: 1969

Her name (currently) is "Courage", and is originally from Detroit. I don't have a complete history on her yet. This is a ketch with a Graymarine Sea Scout 91 (4 cylinder gas). It appears that this motor was build by Van Ness (New Jersey) in the 90's. She has been out of the water, parked inside, for 10 to 12 years, according to the PO. There is of coarse some work that needs to be done; the small bilge area at the aft of the vbirth has rot on the top edge, one of the bulkheads near the motor has some dryrot, there is a horizontal wooden piece behind the motor that has some rot on one side, the wooden rails that the motor vibration isolaters are mounted to is wrapped in fiberglass that appears to be flexible (perhaps delaminated), the deck hardware needs to be re-bedded, and the mast stepping under the v-birth needs to be tabbed (it is loose from the hull), at least a few of the windows leak a little. Oh, and I found thin spider cracks on the surface in various areas on top. Some of all this I knew when I looked at her and others I noticed in the last couple days, and others I will find out in the next coming weeks and months. - Jim Tompkins, November 2016

Kansas City, Kansas