Amante Amante

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Working to put Amante' back in the water - 3 year renovation with lots of distractions - are there dolphins out there anywhere? Thanks to all that love the Privateers lines and keep em' going! - Brewster Buck, 06/2011 Amante was bought from current…

Working to put Amante' back in…

Year: 1968

Avalon Avalon

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This boat is the former Vasilia. We purchased from Chris Barker 6/2016. Completed restoration and launched 9/2017. She now sits in Stockton Lake, Mo while we finish tuning, a few repairs and final clean up.

This boat is the former…

Year: 1972

Black Swan Black Swan

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In 2005 Black Swan could be found in Cutchogue Harbor, NT. She now spends her time in Peconic and Gardiners Bay near Mastic Beach. - 2006

In 2005 Black Swan could be…

Year: 1970

Blue Pearl Blue Pearl

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Blue Pearl is a 1970 Privateer ketch. 

Blue Pearl is a 1970 Privateer…

Year: 1970

Brigadoon Brigadoon

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Brigadoon is a 1971 ketch that can be found sailing the waters of the Caribbean.

Brigadoon is a 1971 ketch that…

Year: 1971

Cala's Privateer Cala's Privateer

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I have a 1970 Kenner Privateer 26 and I am thinking about selling this year. Do you know anyone who would be willing to purchase it. If so how much would they be willing to offer? It is located in a fresh water lake in Northern California. I hate to part…

I have a 1970 Kenner Privateer…

Year: 1970

Price: Negotiable

Caleuche Caleuche

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Boat was probably sold as a bare hull. Still in process of finishing it off (water not connected, etc.) Had new mahogony hatches made. - Frank Courbois, 2002

Boat was probably sold as a…

Carpe Diem Carpe Diem

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Purchased from Glade last year. - Cliff Hanks Previously owned by Charlie Albright from South Bend, Indiana. - Glade Thomas, 2008   

Purchased from Glade last…

Year: 1968

Cleo Cleo

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Originally from Massachusetts I think, an estate sale. Tiller, Blue/White - Bob Mayer, 2004

Originally from Massachusetts…

Year: 1970