How do I become part of community and contribute to the P26 Registry?

If you own a Privateer 26 and she's not in the registry simple click the "Register" button and fill in your boat details. Once submitted a user account will be automatically created and you'll receive two emails, one with login/password information and one to ask you click-through to verify your listing. 

How do I access my listing if my Privateer is already registered?

If you've tried to log in, but don't have your password, use the "Forgot Password" link in the Login box. A link to recover your password will be sent to your registered email address. If your email address has changed contact the Webcaptain using the webform to verify your old and new email addresses.

How do I change or remove boat ownership in the P26 Registry?

If you see your boat in the registry, perhaps contributed but no longer owned by the previous owner, use the webform to contact the Webcaptain and verify boat ownership, A user account will be set up for you and the listing moved over to your account. You'll receive login/password information to update your listing or provide more photos, etc. Likewise, if you see yourself listed as owner of a boat that has changed hands let us know who the new owner is or if unknown we'll list it as such.

How can I assure the P26 Registry remains active?

It costs boat owners nothing to be listed in the Registry but you can help offset some of the out-of-pocket cost required to keep the website registered and hosted with a small donation. As a registered account owner you'll see a "sponsor" link on your listing (only viewable to yourself) giving you the opportunity to submit a donation for a year of recognition. If you are not a Privateer boat owner, but enjoy the resources enough that you feel you'd like to support the website, you can also contribute. As either a supporter or sponsor you will receive recognition in the "Website Supporters and Sponsors" slider on the home page. Supporters of the website that have contributed content and resources are also given recognition in this area with appreciation.

Ask the Webcaptain

Still have questions? Use the webform to get in touch by email.