Designer: Thomas Gillmer
Builder: Kenner Boat Co.

Welcome to the website devoted to owners and enthusiasts of the Privateer 26, designed by the renowned naval architect Thomas Gillmer and built in the early 1970's by Kenner Boat Company in Arkansas. The Privateer can be found from inland waterways to the shores of the Bahamas. The classic lines and ornate features make the Privateer uniquely recognizable.facebook

The intent of this site is to:

  • • search for and document the whereabouts of the Privateer 26 within a boat registry
  • • provide a location map for showing geographic proximities of boats
  • • provide general information on the designer and builder of the Privateer 26
  • • furnish specifications and sail plans relative to outfitting the Privateer 26
  • • offer owners a place for discussions with help in maintenance, exchanging ideas, or spinning sea yarns
  • • provide classified ads for conveying to interested parties a Privateer 26 for sale or wanted

Thanks for visiting!

Thomas Gillmer